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Best pricing on Apollo Pagers. All models available.

Individuals seeking replacement pagers or paging service please click here for all your paging needs.

If you are currently buying new pagers for your health care facility or other industrial entity, you are probably paying substantially more than necessary. When you purchase Apollo Pagers from Prime Access, your order is shipped directly from the factory, saving time and money. Orders are generally shipped within 3 -4 days, and our prices will surprise you. To truly appreciate the advantage of buying your pagers from Prime Access request a price list.

Apollo Pagers are now our number one selling health care and hospital pager. Apollo pagers are known for their rugged construction, durability, and the longest guarantee in the paging industry. Users can set the frequency, capcode and baud rate by hand as well as by a programming cradle. All Apollo pagers are fully compatible with all hospital, police, fire, military and other in-house paging systems as well as all public paging systems. All models are available in pocsag format (512, 1200 and 2400 baud rates), while most models are also available in Flex and dual-mode (flex and pocsag) formats. All frequencies and formats are supported, and all models carry an 18-month guarantee.

The Apollo VP100 Voice Pager includes a memory feature that stores the voice messages in the pager for repeat playback. They can be programmed to operate with full compatiblity with all public and private paging systems.

Prime Access is proud to announce the addition of the Unication Alpha series pagers and the Daviscomms BR802 alphanumeric pagers to its lineup.

The Unication Alpha is a perfect replacement for the Motorola Advisor Gold or Elite and replicates all of the features found in the Advisor Elite.

The BR802 is the same size and shape as the Unication and offers similar features at a lower cost. As always, we promise to offer the best pricing on these excellent products.

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